“The Gabriel-Glas allows the differentiation of all the elements in a wine, the flavors and the aromas, and especially the later,  compared to Riedel which presents the wine in a more integrated manner.  But for a wine tasting where the individual elements must all be perceived, the Gabriel-Glas is superior.  It is remarkable – it really does allow the aromas to explode in the nose.”

Dr. Chee Chow, collector, San Francisco Bay Area
“ I rinsed out the Gabriel glasses and dried them and poured a glass with dinner along with a Schott Zweisel…The nose {of the wine in the Gabriel-Glas) is more aromatic, the palate softer and expressive at the same time, and the finish that much longer. I'm not sure if you would mistake one wine for another with the Gabriel, but it heightens your wine experience on every level.”

Chris C, Berkeley, CA
“For all around dinner service, personal, restaurant, or especially, tasting rooms Gabriel-Glas is perfect.

It shows the personality of the wine in a way that it is accessible to the aficionado, but also someone that just enjoys wine in a social way. On the palate, it freshens and focuses.

If I had a tasting room or restaurant I’d use your glass for almost everything.

Riedel has a very open profile. Your glass brings the wine to the palate with more amplification, without stifling the bouquet and flavor.

I think at Riedel’s lower price point their glasses pale in comparison to this one. I love Gabriel-Glas. At 44$ for 2, it’s an unbelievable value. I am using it every day.”

Sean Green, Sommelier and Director of Wine Education, VJB Vineyards& Cellars
"I love this glass! It’s very lightweight, feels great in the hand, and provides an amplified bouquet compared to typical bowl-shaped glasses. Highly recommended."

Dan McCleary
"The hand-blown Gabriel-Glas is my go-to-wine glass:  elegant, versatile and perfectly balanced."

Geoff Kruth, COO, Guild of Sommeliers
Guild of Sommeliers
"Gabriel-Glas  has met and surpassed our expectations. The glasses are durable and it keeps the breakage to a minimum.   The aromatics are wonderful and the versatility  of the glass works to serve different wines and still get the best aromas and taste out of whites and red wines. It also saves us a tremendous amount of space for storage."

Juan Alonso, Chef/Owner
Le Chene French Restaurant
"I have to say, the Gabriel-Glas Gold Edition is as amazing as when I first encountered it in thewine room at Farallon in SF. Thanks to Luke the Sommelier there, I am now

Your glass is like an extension of the hand it is so natural and light, and it
represents a wine so well that it is almost unfair. I am so excited to share
this glass with my friends here and abroad. Thanks for bringing this to the

Chris O'Brien, Wine Enthusiast, California
"The mouth blown Gabriel-Glas wine glass was supposed to be a special occasion wine glass but it has made such an awesome impact on me that I cant help but use it every time I enjoy a glass of wine. Beautifully precise and elegant, like drinking wine out of thin air! I cant recommend these glasses enough!"

Josh Orr, Wine Director and Bar Manager, The Marina Kitchen and Restaurant, San Diego Marriott Marquis
You don't need to be a wine expert to benefit immediately from this new product. A couple boxes of Gabriel-Glas mouth blown glasses have taken the place of an unwieldy and aging mishmash of wine glasses with which we have struggled for years.We love to entertain in the home. Whatever is being poured, we now have the right glass for it.  And don't tell anyone.  My wife Anne loves the glasses for a beer now and then, too.

Greg Hatton
The design is gorgeous as well as functional...I must say that this glass has now become my go-to glass...this glass has got it all and I'm very thankful to encounter it!

Jeff Cox
Contributing Editor, The Wine News
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“I really love the glass!”

Mark Bright, Sommelier/Partner,
Saison, San Francisco
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