“I really love the glass!”

Mark Bright, Sommelier/Partner,
Saison, San Francisco
“Gabriel-Glas mouth-blown glass has the elegant feel and artistic shape to properly stimulate the senses. The ability to fully enjoy the finest wines of the world is a gift!"

Luke Kenning, Sommelier
Farallon, San Francisco
“We love the Gabriel Glass!  It is our first choice of glass for virtually all wines, including sparkling wine and champagne."

Fritz Hatton, Proprietor
Arietta Winery
“We love the Gabriel-Glas so much that we had our winery logo etched into it.  Our customers are very impressed, not only with the beauty of the glass but also with how it reflects the best qualities of the wine we produce at Castello di Amorosa.  We’re so thrilled with Gabriel-Glas that we’re giving it as gifts to all our employees this holiday season!”

Georg Salzner, President
Castello di Amorosa
“These glasses really do make a difference. After doing a side by side tasting of the same wine in three different glasses, a Libbey, Riedel, and the Gabriel-Glas, the difference was amazing. The step up from the Libbey to the Riedel was expected, but the improvement the Gabriel-Glas made over the Riedel was truly surprising. These really are amazing wine glasses.”

Keith R, Wine Specialist, Bay Area BevMo employee
“ While traveling through the Left Bank {Bordeaux, France}, we kept noticing these glasses at tastings… We've been totally delighted with the glasses. Not only does the shape help deliver aromatics for the variety of wines we drink (and does a good job at trapping tannins in the bottom), they look elegant, and are surprisingly steely for such delicate-looking glasses. We put them in the dishwasher, we (accidentally) bang them into things, and nary a crack.”

Lisa P., Seattle
“I really love the glass! I think the glass is universally compatible with every wine, it’s the most versatile glass I’ve ever used.  I’ve really put it through the ringer, I’ve tasted wines of almost every varietal and from all over the world in the Gabriel-Glas and it really works with everything.  The mouth-blown glass is fantastic with Chablis.”

Mark Bright, Sommelier/Partner, Saison Restaurant, San Francisco
In all honesty, I have always been a bit of a skeptic about the value of wine glass shape, and also my palete has lost much discrimination over these many years. However, even I felt that there was a marked improvement in the same wine tasted from your glass.

The undoubted finest palete in the room tonight was that of Joel Knox. Joel is the owner of Inland Seafood Company, a leading national food wholesaler/distributor. Joel remarked repeatedly of the remarkable difference in the wines as tasted from your glass.

Mark T, Atlanta, Georgia
"The Gabriel-Glas mouth-blown glass really makes our wines shine."

Lily Berlin, Winemaker/Proprietor, El Molino Winery
El Molino Winery
"We compared a nice pinot noir in four glasses: Gabriel Glas, Wine Enthusiast Fusion Infinity, Reidel Ouverture Magnum and, for grins, Libby. Gabriel Glas wins. It intensifies and funnels the aroma brilliantly, giving a richer tasting experience. The Reidel came in second in taste, but can’t begin to compete with Gabriel’s elegant shape and beauty. Gabriel Glas is completely delightful!"

Linda H, Carrolton, Texas
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"The Gabriel-Glas mouth-blown glass really makes our wines shine."

Lily Berlin, Winemaker/Proprietor, El Molino Winery
El Molino Winery
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