Table Talk Northwest’s Gift Guide shines a light on Gabriel-Glas

Table Talk Northwest has featured us in their gift guide and are pleased with our glass, especially the fact that it is dishwasher safe:

“Clear out the glass cabinet – the Gabriel-Glas StandArt glass is here. This “one-for-all” wine glass is ideal for every type of wine. The shape of the glass bring out the flavors of each wine for maximum drinking pleasure. The best part of the glasses, beyond the elegant design, is that they are dishwasher safe!

Or bring it up a level with the Gabriel-Glas “Gold Edition”. Similar to the StandArt glass, the Gold Edition is a one-for-all drinker but is mouth-blown for a lighter feel. It is also dishwasher safe… …The glasses are available in a single glass gift box (StandArt – $29 and Gold Edition – $55) or in multi glass boxes and cartons on their website.”

You can find the gift guide on their website,

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“I really love the glass! I think the glass is universally compatible with every wine, it’s the most versatile glass I’ve ever used.  I’ve really put it through the ringer, I’ve tasted wines of almost every varietal and from all over the world in the Gabriel-Glas and it really works with everything.  The mouth-blown glass is fantastic with Chablis.”

Mark Bright, Sommelier/Partner, Saison Restaurant, San Francisco
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