Thank you for your interest in Gabriel-Glas and the Aqua products.  Some items, including the new Aqua range of bar glasses, decanters and carafes, are in extremely limited supply.  In the event  of temporary inventory shortages,  orders can be accepted for delivery upon the arrival of frequent shipments of glassware from Austria.

For items that are in stock please expect delivery within 5 – 10 business days from receipt of order.

Please be advised that all sales are final.

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"We compared a nice pinot noir in four glasses: Gabriel Glas, Wine Enthusiast Fusion Infinity, Reidel Ouverture Magnum and, for grins, Libby. Gabriel Glas wins. It intensifies and funnels the aroma brilliantly, giving a richer tasting experience. The Reidel came in second in taste, but can’t begin to compete with Gabriel’s elegant shape and beauty. Gabriel Glas is completely delightful!"

Linda H, Carrolton, Texas
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