Gabriel-Glas — “One for All”

The Universal Wine Glass

Who needs a different glass for every style of wine when The “One for All” Gabriel-Glas is the perfect glass for every wine?  That’s according to  the renowned Swiss/German wine critic René Gabriel, the creative genius behind Gabriel-Glas.  The new-to-market “universal” lead-free crystal wine glass of Austria is perfectly shaped to deliver the bouquet and flavors of white, red, sparkling  and dessert wine.
The Gabriel-Glas is designed with a broader base at the bottom of the glass, allowing for more surface to air contact, and with a graceful conical shape at the top of the glass which serves as a “bouquet driver.”

View René Gabriel’s video on what makes his wine glasses so special:

Wine professionals in the USA are increasingly discovering that Gabriel-Glas is something special.  “The mouth-blown Gabriel-Glas is my go-to wine glass: elegant, versatile and perfectly balanced,” says Geoff Kruth, MS, COO The Guild of Sommeliers.

Sommelier Mark Bright of Saison in San Francisco says “The glass is universally compatible with every wine, it’s the most versatile glass I’ve ever used.  I’ve really put it through the ringer, I’ve tasted wines of almost every varietal and from all over the world in the Gabriel-Glas, and it really works with everything.”

The Gabriel-Glas is elegant, sturdy and dishwasher safe.  And it’s a space-saver too.  What’s more important to the wine enthusiast – a cupboard full of glasses in all sizes and shapes, or a good supply of the Gabriel-Glas and cellar full of wine?

Restaurants love the glass – one durable yet elegant wine glass for all wines makes life easier for service staff.  Sommeliers agree that the qualities of wine are enhanced in the glass.  The glass is very durable and offers more value for money with less breakage.

Wineries and wine-makers love the glass because it brilliantly showcases the finest qualities of their wines.

The Gabriel-Glas is the creation of a unique relationship.  Driven by a lifelong passion for wine, Austrian glass technology innovator Siegfried Seidl and wine authority René Gabriel worked together in 2009 to develop the prototype.  Subsequently in 2010, Gabriel-Glas GmbH of Austrian was established to create a glass of uncompromising quality, at an affordable price — the Gabriel-Glass.

Gabriel-Glas is created in two qualities, both are lead-free crystal:  The Mouth-Blown  “Gold Edition” glass, and the machine molded “StandArt” glass.

The new Gabriel-Glas  “Aqua” decanters, carafes and bar glasses were launched in North America in the third quarter of 2013.  The first customers to receive the new Aqua products are PlumpJack Wine Store and Saison Restaurant in San Francisco.

The Gabriel-Glas “One for All” wine glass and the Aqua glassware launched with tremendous initial success in Europe and can now be found at fine wineries, restaurants, retailers and private residences in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and in other countries around the world.

Gabriel-Glas North America LLC is the exclusive North American importer of Gabriel-Glas.  For more information please contact

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“ I rinsed out the Gabriel glasses and dried them and poured a glass with dinner along with a Schott Zweisel…The nose {of the wine in the Gabriel-Glas) is more aromatic, the palate softer and expressive at the same time, and the finish that much longer. I'm not sure if you would mistake one wine for another with the Gabriel, but it heightens your wine experience on every level.”

Chris C, Berkeley, CA
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