Introducing René Gabriel and Siegfried Seidl


Rene presents Gabriel-Glas at a trade tasting in Austria

René Gabriel, who is Swiss, is considered the most influential wine critic in the German speaking world.  He regularly writes articles for the European wine publications WeinWisser and Falstaff,  and he is the author of six books: Bordeaux à Jour, Bordeaux Total and Wingeschichten.  He is also a partner at the Auktionshäusern Weinbörse, WeinCash, and  He has long been a purchasing manager and now a consultant at Mövenpick Wine in Switzerland and Germany.

René’s Austrian partner Siegfried Seidl  has more than 30 years experience in glass. Siegfried began his career in 1979 with the world’s leading glass machinery manufacturers.  He worked his way to top management of the company, Forma Kutzscher.  Later, he took over INN Cyrstal and Glasfabrik in Austria.  In 2000, he founded Glas & Co. to develop new glass production with leading glass manufacturers.  In 2009, he started Quantron GmbH with the goal of advancing glass innovative concepts.

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"We compared a nice pinot noir in four glasses: Gabriel Glas, Wine Enthusiast Fusion Infinity, Reidel Ouverture Magnum and, for grins, Libby. Gabriel Glas wins. It intensifies and funnels the aroma brilliantly, giving a richer tasting experience. The Reidel came in second in taste, but can’t begin to compete with Gabriel’s elegant shape and beauty. Gabriel Glas is completely delightful!"

Linda H, Carrolton, Texas
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