Getting Clearer — Beverage Media Article by Margaret Shakespeare

Beverage Media Article“[…] the right glass is the One for All made by Gabriel-Glas of Austria. And the price on the glasses is really competitive.”

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“For all around dinner service, personal, restaurant, or especially, tasting rooms Gabriel-Glas is perfect.

It shows the personality of the wine in a way that it is accessible to the aficionado, but also someone that just enjoys wine in a social way. On the palate, it freshens and focuses.

If I had a tasting room or restaurant I’d use your glass for almost everything.

Riedel has a very open profile. Your glass brings the wine to the palate with more amplification, without stifling the bouquet and flavor.

I think at Riedel’s lower price point their glasses pale in comparison to this one. I love Gabriel-Glas. At 44$ for 2, it’s an unbelievable value. I am using it every day.”

Sean Green, Sommelier and Director of Wine Education, VJB Vineyards& Cellars
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